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What Our Friends Say

"We have been a part of the Petaluma Village Preschool family for almost two years.  There are many quality preschools in Petaluma but this one struck me as special, with a magical energy both in the classroom and outside.  I am confident that when I drop my son off he will have a quality play and learning experience under the guidance of a knowledgeable and loving staff.  Meals and snacks are organic and prepared often with ingredients grown by the students themselves.  My son has grown in confidence and joy during his time here and I look forward to sending his sister as well.  This school represents all the wonder and power of the toddler world in a safe and encouraging environment."

​- Katie S.

"We have been with Petaluma Village Preschool for many years now.  My two older children have graduated and my third child is currently there.  Each one of my children have always looked forward to going to school there.  When you join Petaluma Village Preschool you feel like part of a community with the main focus being the growth and well being of your children.  The school is a happy and loving place encouraging children to be curious, creative, imaginative and active.  My children have made lasting friendships at this school - as have we with other parents.  We feel that Petaluma Village Preschool has had a lasting, positive impact on our children and we are truly grateful."

- ​Catherine W.

"All three of our kids attended Petaluma Village Preschool. We love this place! All three kids are very different (two girls, one boy) and the teachers were amazing at adapting to the individual needs of each child. Our kids attend an elementary school that is known for being academically tough, but all the kids were more than prepared with the basics they needed to know upon entering TK or K. I love that the school taught them those basics while also engaging their love of learning and natural curiosity. The kids did so much creative play, art, cooking, gardening, music and more. The school provided healthy meals too. My husband and I often joke we should have more kids so we'd have a reason to keep sending them to Petaluma Village Preschool."

- ​Michelle L.

"We sent our kid to Petaluma Village - west side in the heart of the pandemic, when times were at their upmost stressful. Casey, and every single teacher did not let that get in the way of providing a safe, loving environment for my kiddo to have space to learn. He learned how to write his name under their supervision, how to use his words, and they gave him space to have big feelings. When my spirited kiddo got into mischief, they redirected using tactics that built up confidence and didn’t shame or use short sighted discipline. Every teacher there is unique in their own style, genuinely cares about each and every kid, and brings fun, creative programs to the class room. It’s very much a hands on, learn while you play style. It didn’t take long to see milestone after milestone be reached while he attended PVP. My second kiddo will be attending when he turns two."

- ​Rachelle E.

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